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Letter to the Editor of the Jersey Evening Post 12th October 2010

John Heys

The worst anti-Jersey decisions are ....... ours.

For years now I have been expressing my concerns about our government putting all our support and financial grants into the so-called finance industry, and trying to point out that it could up sticks and blow to where the sun shines brighter where they could make even more money.

Oh, no, no, no, the gurus proclaimed, it could never happen. So our only hopes of a rescue, should it happen - tourism and agriculture - have disgustingly been underfunded and allowed to run down to virtually unrecoverable low levels.

Did I hear that Finance is down 12%. Not a word from Mr. Cook or Senator Ozouf about how wonderful that is.

So we turn to a possible saviour: tourism. Of course, we would have to rapidly build hotels and possibly inexpensive accommodation to cater for the influx. We could promote Jersey for the beautiful Island it is and introduce walking holidays, horse riding adventures and sea fishing, etc. But hold on a minute - how would that bring in the money? Our Chief Minister has effectively ruined any tourism advantage with his crazy idea of zero-ten.

Take this scenario: a couple fly or sail here from the UK. In both instances the travel companies are registerd outside the Island, so no money for Jersey there. They go into our diminishing town and see that, assisted by his ludicrous GST to try to make up for the zero-ten, prices are even higher than where they have come from so they do not spend.

Tourism has been effectively stamped out, and we are left with the god of finance, who only pay 10% tax (if you cannot find ways of avoiding even that), instead of 20% which they should be paying.

Our dear friend of many years, agriculture, has been given little support and is now reduced to bowing to the dictates of Tesco. What, when and how much you will be paid is what the growers who are left have to tolerate, surviving only by operating as members of a combine.

Oh, how I remember the hundreds of spud lorries lined up along the Esplanade waiting their turn to go through the Weighbridge and down to the waiting ships.

What I find so tragic is that the very worst of anti-Jersey decisions have not been implemented by some foreign force trying to ruin this beautiful unique Island, but by Jersey people, which is what so often happens when things go rotten from inside, as with the great powers of history Egypt, Greece and Rome, and recently with Communism.

We need to form a think tank quickly to decide what we want to do for Jersey, what direction we need to take, and how we are to achieve it. It has to be done now, without a lot of power struggling or vested interest. Am I suggesting too much?

Herald Scotland, October 17, 2010

By Colin Donald

Employers organisation CBI Scotland has put itself at odds with the Church of Scotland and Christian Aid by raising doubts as to the effectiveness of a new campaign against international tax avoidance and evasion.

The Church is set to make a rare intervention into the world of international accountancy when it throws its moral weight behind a hard-hitting campaign against the billions lost by developing countries via tax evasion and avoidance.

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Jersey Evening Post 25.8.2010

Warning from finance

The finance industry has warned against

making significant changes to the Island's

current business tax regime. A survey of the

heads of 50 businesses reveals that 65%

think that a change to the zero-ten tax regime

would have an adverse effect on Jersey's status

as an International finance centre. Four out of

ten believe that moving from the zero-ten regime

would have a negative effect on their company.

Full report to follow.


Turkeys vote against Christmas again.

Dear Editor,

What a ridiculous statement from the finance industry in tonight's edition headed 'Warning from Finance'.

The warning is against making significant changes to the current Island's business tax regime which is based on the ridiculous and

EU-unpopular 0/10 system, which allows off Island registered companies like Normans, L'Horizon, The Grand, The Radisson, Burtons, Boots, British Home Stores to name but a few who are making money in competition with Jersey companies to pay exactly 0% tax, whilst the shrinking finance industry only has to pay 10%. Of course they do not wish to change such a money-making arrangment. It's 'Turkeys voting against Christmas' again but they omit to mention the big negative, that this brainwave has plunged Jersey into a £100 million debt!

Well, blame the so-called recession and divert interest from 0/10. In any case, just introduce jolly old GST (Goods and Services Tax) and make it up from robbing the people, especially all those who can least afford yet more expense. If you are rich then 3,5,10,15% GST makes not a jot of difference.

Spin the message that if 0/10 is interfered with some companies might be inclined to leave!! But where to? And, if they are not paying any tax now, then what difference would it make if they left? If, say, 30% left who were paying no tax, then 70% would now be paying tax, and the self-induced so-called black hole would not be necessary! Oh dear, is this too simple?

Yours faithfully,

John Heys

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

TonyTheProf said... (subject: farm shops)

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August 23, 2010 9:21 AM

Pat Lucas said... (subject: farm shops)

Local farm shops will be paying local tax unlike some supermarkets. That is important and very much to their credit. However, tax is not the real issue here.
The issue is that local produce is sold to local people - with no air miles, maximum freshness and minimum waste. We often buy local and frequent farm shops whenever possible. Excellent stuff!
I can’t see a big problem with farmers selling a few other food items for the benefit of their customers. That sounds like good business to me.
Please tell me about this new law going through the States restricting bloggers lobbying on issues. Thank you.

(This comment has been transferred due to an objection towards the original article, but reproduced as it is an interesting comment. Blogmaster) Its not that bloggers will be restricted against lobbying - but that the so called "accredited media" will have more rights than bloggers. Such as the right to record within the States Building including Scrutiny hearings. Anybody who is not "accredited" will not have such rights and it is part of the formula to determine who shall be judged as "accredited" that bloggers "lobby" whereas "accredited" media do not. Yes, it is totally barmy but that is what PPC have dreamed up in a desperate attempt to stifle bloggers and free expression etc. The whole crazy scheme can be found in P100 (Proposition 100) on the States Assembly Web Site - but if you read it don't have nightmares because not even the States of Jersey can be bonkers enough to approve it........
By Anonymous on Jersey evening Post. www.thisisjersey.comComment... on 8/23/10

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In Praise of Farmshops

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