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TonyTheProf said... (subject: farm shops)

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Pat Lucas said... (subject: farm shops)

Local farm shops will be paying local tax unlike some supermarkets. That is important and very much to their credit. However, tax is not the real issue here.
The issue is that local produce is sold to local people - with no air miles, maximum freshness and minimum waste. We often buy local and frequent farm shops whenever possible. Excellent stuff!
I can’t see a big problem with farmers selling a few other food items for the benefit of their customers. That sounds like good business to me.
Please tell me about this new law going through the States restricting bloggers lobbying on issues. Thank you.

(This comment has been transferred due to an objection towards the original article, but reproduced as it is an interesting comment. Blogmaster) Its not that bloggers will be restricted against lobbying - but that the so called "accredited media" will have more rights than bloggers. Such as the right to record within the States Building including Scrutiny hearings. Anybody who is not "accredited" will not have such rights and it is part of the formula to determine who shall be judged as "accredited" that bloggers "lobby" whereas "accredited" media do not. Yes, it is totally barmy but that is what PPC have dreamed up in a desperate attempt to stifle bloggers and free expression etc. The whole crazy scheme can be found in P100 (Proposition 100) on the States Assembly Web Site - but if you read it don't have nightmares because not even the States of Jersey can be bonkers enough to approve it........
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In Praise of Farmshops

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reference TJN's correspondence with Colin Powell

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Maurice Merhet's article on the subject of banking and entitled Mo's Law
posted below on the 6th of August
is further discussed on the Tax Research UK Blogsite August 10th ,2010,


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06 August, 2010

Mo’s Law

Maurice Merhet

The banks have proved themselves to be dishonourable.

How? Why? Alternative?


1. By loaning money to people who could not pay it back. Reason – so as to take their

property and make a large profit.

2. By refusing personal loans and suggesting customers use credit cards. The bank then

charges 18% on the overdraft. Not only that – if you are £10,000 over on your credit

card and have paid back £9,900 they still charge you 18% on the full amount. This is

legalised extortion.


So as the banks can pay themselves large and excessive bonuses. It is we, the public,

who are doing the paying. This makes it very bad for the whole British economy. The

banks are so powerful it is they that rule the economy not the government.


As we own 84% of the Royal Bank of Scotland this is what we do. We pay depositors

2% interest and loan out money at say 10% on secure loans, credit cards on collateral at

12% on a sliding scale. We would not pay bonuses but a fair wage.

This one move would force the banks to do they same which would benefit the whole

economy. They would no longer expect depositors to be satisfied with ½% nor lenders

prepared to pay 15%.

One added advantage – this would free all these very clever but overpaid bankers so that

they could do something useful for society that was not dishonourable.

This is Mo’s Law.

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Letter to the Editor of the Jersey Evening Post

2nd August 2010

Where are the expensive failures from?

John Heys

Here we go yet again. Will our overpaid selecting civil servants never learn? Another
wonderful, highly experienced, foreign department director has jacked the job in after
only four years at the Airport.

No reason given is OK, but it would be nice to know why. At least in the prison fiasco,
one could not get on with the Jersey way and one’s wife could not settle here. Can you
imagine not being able to settle in such a beautiful place? What nonsense.

I trust there will be no golden handshakes and that we, as the ever tolerant taxpayers, will
be assured of this.

So now, with egg all over their faces, the selecting bunchwill have a chance to choose a
Jersey boss for the Airport, and henceforth continue to do so.

For goodness sake, wake up! Just look at your expensive failures; tourism, police, prison,
Airport, etc.

Where do they all hail from?